Liv Morgan collects Money in the Bank for Ronda Rousey and wins the SmackDown Women’s Championship

After several weeks of verbal and creative jabs at each other on WWE television and social media, tonight was finally the night that SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey and Natalya met in the ring. In the lead up to this match, Rousey has challenged Sharpshooter’s superiority and Natalya’s main event status, while Natalya has criticized … Read more

Watch: Man fights wild bear to save his dogs

While dogs are said to be man’s best friend, an American man’s quick action is winning plaudits online after he managed to save his pets from a wild bear. It’s not every day a wild animal walks onto the front porch, however, a young bear tried to break into a Florida man’s home to hunt … Read more

Mick Jagger: My Life as Rolling Stone Review: The Singer Would Hate This Documentary | television and radio

vVery few men can work in a skintight lace-up jumpsuit. Certainly not without your nipples getting caught or your beer belly stretching the satinet improperly. Or, in fact, without the whole suggesting an accident in a sausage factory. At the beginning of My Life As a Rolling Stone (BBC Two) we see Mick Jagger before … Read more

Lacey Evans wants to show that you can be a mom and chase dreams in WWE

Lacey Evans dug deep, shedding layers of herself for the public during a series of emotional vignettes before her return to WWE in April. A little over a year earlier, the “Sassy Southern Belle” gained momentum from a heated rivalry with Charlotte Flair and was set to face Asuka for the title. Raw women’s championship … Read more

Polaris Trailer Showcases an Arctic Wasteland and a Struggle to Survive

Ahead of its world premiere during the Fantasia International Film Festival, KC CarthewThe chilling post-apocalyptic movie of polar Star received a new teaser courtesy of Variety showing the vast and honestly creepy arctic wilderness that is home to various wild and dangerous wildlife. Described as “Mad Max in the Arctic,” the film is a violent … Read more

Spain analyzes bill that allows trans people to legally change their gender

Spanish trans people will be able to self-identify their legal gender – Todd Franson On June 27, Spain’s Council of Ministers, the government’s key decision-making body, made up of the prime minister, deputies and ministers appointed by the king, approved a gender identification bill that would allow transgender people legally change their gender. The bill … Read more

Adult toy store drives exotic reptile business out of Visalia

Ian Lockwood is not the kind of person who speaks at Visalia City Council meetings. In fact, they were shaking, their voices trembling as they spoke in front of a packed room last week. Along with friends and family, Lockwood pleaded with the city for help. Without your support, more than 40 animals will be … Read more

The bloody toll of Mexican criminals’ fixation on exotic pets

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican drug traffickers’ fascination with exotic animals was on full display this week after a spider monkey dressed… MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican drug traffickers’ fascination with exotic animals was on full display this week after a spider monkey disguised as a drug gang mascot was killed in a shootout and … Read more

Summary: The Sacramento Kings celebrate Pride Month with the LGBTQIA+ community

— Participation builds on Kings’ commitment to uplift and support the LGBTQIA+ community — — Team Honored Diversity through festival, March, social media channels and more — Every June, Pride is celebrated to amplify the love and acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community. This year, the Sacramento Kings teamed up with the Sacramento LGBT Community Center … Read more

Aaliya Mir: Lady on a Wild Quest

Aaliya Mir, a resident of Bagh-i-mehtaab Srinagar, has become the talk of the town for her mission to save wild animals and birds by trekking and climbing in different places in Kashmir. Aaliya, a former math teacher, has won many hearts for her treatment of these creatures. Her husband, a wildlife veterinarian, was delighted with … Read more

In Putin’s war of evil against good against Ukraine, the forces of good prevailed in NATO this week

Federico Kempe is the president and chief executive officer of the Atlantic Council. This is a story of evil versus good. It is the story of the ruthless attacks of a despot against civilian targets in Ukraine, in the face of the historic, but insufficient, meeting of democratic states to save the country. At noon … Read more

Overwhelming and humiliating vanity Teen Lifestyle & New Faces Magazine

Owen Patrick Joyner It is synonymous with energy, good vibes, youth, music, love and joy. He feels that the support of his career and the love of his fans has been so magnificent that he cannot help but feel grateful and describe this point in his life as an overwhelming and humbling experience. Since he … Read more

Vacation Gone Wrong: 6 Epic Failed Travel Stories

July 2, 2022 at 12:30 p.m. EDT Placeholder while article actions load Artwork by Katty Huertas Things don’t always go as planned. That is especially true when it comes to travel. Over the Fourth of July weekend, flight delays and cancellations left thousands of Americans struggling. And as the peak summer vacation season kicks off, … Read more

Meet the women of Dunia, Africa’s first women-only running safari camp

Deep in the forests of the Central Serengeti, the song of the women of Dunia rises. This luxurious safari camp in african origin it is the first of its kind; from the chef and waitresses to the guides, the semi-permanent camp is run entirely by women. These Dunia Angels, as they are known, have given … Read more

“There aren’t enough stories about us,” says filmmaker Onir in his new book, I Am Onir and I Am Gay.

Filmmaker and author Onir doesn’t mince words when it comes to his movies, his sexuality, or his new book, I Am Onir, and I Am Gay. Filmmaker and author Onir doesn’t mince words when it comes to his movies, his sexuality, or his new book. I’m Onir and I’m Gay In his pioneer memoirs Dear … Read more