How Burmese Pythons Invaded Florida With 100,000 Now Roaming The Everglades

Burmese pythons have become a highly successful invasive species in South Florida in recent decades. But how did these huge snakes settle in this part of the United States? Burmese pythons, as the name suggests, are native to Southeast Asia. However, there are now large numbers of these snakes, which can grow up to 20 … Read more

Caught! Record-breaking 18-foot Burmese python pulled from Collier County wilderness

Biologists from The Nature Conservancy captured the The largest Burmese python ever found in the Florida Everglades: A nearly 18-foot-long, 215-pound female loaded with 122 eggs. the record invasive snake it was deep in the brush on Picayune Strand in Collier County, where a radio-equipped male “scout” snake named Dion led investigators to it. Although … Read more