Caught! Record-breaking 18-foot Burmese python pulled from Collier County wilderness

Biologists from The Nature Conservancy captured the The largest Burmese python ever found in the Florida Everglades: A nearly 18-foot-long, 215-pound female loaded with 122 eggs. the record invasive snake it was deep in the brush on Picayune Strand in Collier County, where a radio-equipped male “scout” snake named Dion led investigators to it. Although … Read more

Sinitta showgirl caught on police drone thermal imaging camera illegally keeping big cats

A singer who kept two dangerous African big cats as pets without a license was caught after a police drone with a thermal imaging camera spotted them. Warren Polydorou, 57, a former Sinitta showgirl and dancer, housed his Serval cats in a makeshift enclosure that police described as “in the middle of nowhere.” One of … Read more

Australian man has a 6-minute fight with a kangaroo caught on video

A video of what appears to be a boxing match between a kangaroo and an Australian man went viral last week. The 6-minute fight occurred outside the man’s house after failing to chase away the unwanted visitor. Complex told A man from Ballina on the north coast of New South Wales named Cliff Des got … Read more

College quarterback’s act of kindness to a homeless woman caught on camera

get complete details of College quarterback’s act of kindness to a homeless woman caught on camera from here, checkout more details. A college football player and NFL prospect is going viral for his heartwarming act of kindness toward a pregnant homeless woman. Malik Willis, 22, a senior at Liberty University and quarterback for the Liberty … Read more

Companies are caught between their workers and politicians

know about Companies are caught between their workers and politicians Disney employees and supporters in Burbank, California protest the company’s reaction to a new Florida law that restricts classroom discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity, which opponents have labeled “Don’t say gay,” on March 22, 2022. (J. Emilio Flores/The New York Times) Just over … Read more

‘Brutal’ text dating trend is exposed on TikTok

Hundreds of women are taking to TikTok to share a “brutal” new dating trend. Photo / Tik Tok “I really like you. Like wow oh my gosh. You’re the most beautiful girl,” the guy that University of Michigan student and TikToker Cadigan Smith was dating last month. “And the time we spend together is so … Read more

Most health professionals who have contracted covid-19 caught it early at work

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its first-ever analysis of Covid exposures among US health care workers, revealing that the majority of positive cases occurred early in the pandemic and at work. Other reports cover a PTSD bill, the impact of covid on children of healthcare workers, and more. CIDRAP: Most health workers … Read more

“I feel like economic disparity is a disease and I caught it:” Parents Seek Priority in Virginia Budget

The Tax Fairness for Virginia Coalition listed a three-point budget plan that could prioritize Commonwealth parents. RICHMOND—Parents. He spoke. Up. in a virtual Press conference Held by the Coalition for Fiscal Equity for Virginia, parents and organizations advocated for lawmakers to put parents first in state budget negotiations. The coalition released a three-point Parent Prioritization … Read more

Deer, mink and hyenas have caught COVID-19: Animal virologists explain coronavirus in animals and why humans should be concerned

White-tailed deer are one of the few wild species that scientists have found to be infected with the coronavirus, at least so far. Credit: Andrew C/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY In April 2020, the tigers and lions at the Bronx Zoo made headlines when they went down with COVID-19. In the months after these surprising diagnoses, … Read more

Gino was caught texting Ben’s friend behind Jasmine’s back.

Gino is questioned by 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Tell-All host Shaun Robinson for sending Benjamin’s friend Jessica a DM without Jasmine knowing. the All in 90 Days: Before 90 Days Tell-All reveals that Gino Palazzolo was direct messaging Ben Rathbun’s friend Jessica while keeping Jasmine Pineda in the dark. Gino, a 51-year-old … Read more

How the Democrats got caught in the right-wing culture war trap once again

A donkey and an elephant. illustrated | istock Democrats were always going to have a tough time in the 2022 midterms, given historical trends and the party’s already extremely narrow majorities in Congress. Add rising inflation and a brutal war raging in Europe and things start to look especially bleak. But that doesn’t mean that … Read more

Eunice Hunton Carter: The Woman Who Caught Lucky Luciano

In 1935, Charles “Lucky” Luciano held the position of de facto head of the “Commission”, a powerful syndicate of the five largest organized crime families in New York City. Luciano had forged a working peace between the families and had become filthy rich through the mafia’s long reach in drug dealing, loan sharking, lotteries and … Read more

Exotic Pets Caught Up In Federal Legislation To Boost US Economy – News

Exotic pets caught up in federal legislation to boost the US economy D.diamantinensis Photo by Dr. Andy Anderson the dolichothelium diamantinensis, also known as the Brazilian blue dwarf beauty, is a tarantula owned by Dr. Andy Anderson of New Jersey. The veterinarian fears that pending federal legislation to control invasive species will inadvertently and unnecessarily … Read more

Women caught up in state pension age change demand ‘immediately’ £20k from DWP

Women caught up in a state pension age change have issued a new demand for the compensation they want from the DWP. WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) spearheaded a campaign after women born in the 1950s suddenly found they would have to work many more years when the retirement age was raised, first to … Read more

Amid New Trial, End Chinese Espionage ‘Initiative’ Provides Little Relief to American Academics Caught in a Web of Fear

The tide has turned against the US Department of Justice’s “China Initiative,” which we criticized in a previous Just Security article as a blunt instrument that has undermined American scientific and technological advancement. While the program has officially ended, many significant issues remain unresolved, including how the Justice Department justifies moving forward with pending China … Read more

Mother Caught Trying To Flush Her Pet Monkey Down The Toilet And Offering It Cocaine Saves Herself From Jail

A mother of four caught trying to flush her pet monkey down the toilet and offering it cocaine has been saved from jail. Vicky Holland, 38, made 22 videos of her roughing up the tame marmoset she fed hamburgers, kebabs and sausages. A court was shown a video of the animal curled up in the … Read more