The long journey through an eating disorder: mother and daughter share their story

WARNING: This article contains details of an eating disorder. New numbers from the Canadian Institute for Health Information show that the pandemic had a significant psychological impact on the eating behaviors of pre-teen and teen girls. In the first year alone, the number of eating disorders increased 60% in girls ages 10 to 17, new … Read more

Opioid Disorder Drug Prescriptions Rise in Compensation | Business Insurance

know about this Opioid Disorder Drug Prescriptions Rise in Compensation in complete details. Opioid use disorder prescriptions are on the rise in workers’ compensation, a trend worth watching, experts say, since most prescription drugs (buprenorphines) are still considered opioids in some cases . Enlyte Group LLC said in its most recent drug trends report that … Read more

How my eating disorder affected the children

Leaning toward change. Jackie Goldschneider got real about how her battle with anorexia affected her kids and made it hard to live in the moment. “The eating disorder controlled everything,” the 45-year-old TV personality exclusively said. us weekly earlier this month. “It really changes everything in your life.” The Real Housewives of New Jersey star … Read more

Report Shows Medicaid Coverage Reduces Avoidable ER Visits | Health & Fitness

A new report looking at the health effects of Medicaid on Montanans found that people covered by the state’s expansion program used emergency departments less often the longer they were enrolled. “When you think about emergency room use, it’s an after-effect of not being in good health,” Dr. Aaron Wernham, executive director of the Montana … Read more

Eating Disorder Dietitian Talks Building a Healthy Relationship for National Nutrition Month | News

On March 19, the IUP Student Association of Nutrition and Dietetics (SAND) presented an invited lecture by Haley Goodrich, RD, LDN, CEDS-S titled “Developing a Healthy Relationship with Food in a Food-Obsessed World.” weight”. “I want her to look at her own relationship with food and feel a little more confident and competent about eating,” … Read more

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: 6 Lifestyle Changes to Control Bowel Disorder | Health

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a disorder of the digestive system that causes alterations in the bowel habits of affected people and can also cause problems such as pain, cramps, heaviness or swelling in the stomach. Altered bowel habits can mean any of these: change in the frequency of bowel movements, change in their shape, … Read more

Alopecia, an autoimmune disorder suffered by Jada Pinkett Smith, ‘strips people of their identity’

Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that affects millions of people around the world. But for many women, and black women in particular, it is much more. It’s about beauty and race, about culture and about the uncertainty that messes around people’s perception of themselves creates. So, during the 94th Academy Awards on Sunday night, when … Read more

Signs that your older loved one may have a hoarding problem

If you are wondering if a situation that you are living or have seen in another person’s house is hoarding, you already have your answer. And now is the time to act. The first step is to assess the person or persons whose living conditions are affected. If you are the one hoarding, do you … Read more

Shelter offers ongoing resources for those experiencing homelessness | Local news

What began in 2004 as a shelter for men recovering from homelessness has grown into a shelter for people of diverse backgrounds experiencing homelessness. Meeting Place Mission works to find permanent housing solutions for homeless individuals and families by pairing them with a case manager to tackle the problem head-on, said Suzy Fitzgerald, president of … Read more

Do you know someone with an eating disorder? Here are 6 key ways you can help

(CNN) — If you think or know that a loved one has an eating disorder, supporting that person can be a game changer. Eating disorders affect at least 9% of the world’s population, which includes about 30 million Americans. More than 10,000 people die of eating disorders every year, and that’s just in the United … Read more

How to help someone with an eating disorder: 6 ways

Eating disorders affect at least 9% of the world’s population, which includes about 30 million Americans. More than 10,000 people die of eating disorders every year, and that’s just in the United States. And the pandemic has led to increase in the number and severity of cases, according to a January study published in The … Read more

autism, ADHD increase odds of premature death | Health & Fitness

Amy Norton THURSDAY, Feb. 17, 2022 (HealthDay News) — Young people with autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are at increased risk of dying prematurely from a variety of causes, a new research review suggests. The researchers found that before middle age, people with autism face higher-than-average death rates from both “natural” causes, such … Read more