A perfect 80’s housewife in ‘Candy’ | Lifestyle

Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore had everything they wanted: a husband, children, a house in their small Texas community. They bonded over carpools and church picnics, like 1980s housewives are supposed to do. Then Candy killed Betty with an axe. “Candy,” which premieres Monday on Hulu, tells the true story of the brutal murder that … Read more

Millennial men want a ’50s housewife’ after having kids, new book reveals

LifestyleUpdated May 9, 2022 01:39 a.m.4 minutes to read Millennial men want their wives to shoulder most of the burden when it comes to housework and childcare, research has revealed. Photo/Getty Images From their girl-power childhoods to their doctorates, the ambitions of Millennial women have long been applauded. Women are, by and large, the backbone … Read more

Expert advice for women to optimize their nutrition as they age, since no diet fits all | Health

Although the future is optimistic with Covid-19 heading towards endemic, we must continue to take precautions and work on building a strong immune system over time as it can fight the continued evolution of coronavirus variants but, what more importantly, enjoy. good health throughout the changing stages of our lives. Our eating habits are the … Read more

Tour Offers Music Production Education for Women and More | Music

After fifteen hard months of hard work and a few setbacks, Nayef Issa, founder of Nü Androids, and Meg Basset, managing partner of Cake Productions, along with DJ and “FEMME HOUSE” co-founder LP Giobbi, are getting the community dance and DJ together with their 12-city takeover tour kicking off in Philadelphia on February 25. Hoping … Read more