A perfect 80’s housewife in ‘Candy’ | Lifestyle

Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore had everything they wanted: a husband, children, a house in their small Texas community. They bonded over carpools and church picnics, like 1980s housewives are supposed to do. Then Candy killed Betty with an axe. “Candy,” which premieres Monday on Hulu, tells the true story of the brutal murder that … Read more

Dating a widow to an Australian mother who met a man 17 months after her husband died of a brain aneurysm

Marie Alessi will never forget the phone call that changed her life in the blink of an eye. “I will always remember what the coroner told me,” says Marie. 7Life. “‘I am sorry to inform you that your husband was found dead in a hotel room in Perth this morning.’” For more lifestyle related news … Read more

Sara Cox on sorority, working with brilliant women, and getting cranky with her husband

TV and radio host Sara Cox clearly loves a little sisterhood. The bubbly Bolton-born presenter is delighted to be working with top female talent at Radio 2 and is quick to praise the likes of her old mucker and ’90s buddy Zoe Ball, as well as broadcaster Claudia Winkleman. She is also positive about the … Read more

Single Mom of 4 in S’porean: Leaving my abusive husband was the best decision for my kids – Mothership.SG

Choosing to become a single parent is not an easy choice. Nonetheless, it was arguably the best decision Yeni Zulaika, 38, made in 2017 when she and her children found themselves without a roof over their heads and making do with the ladder of their HDB block. What brought them there that night? Her husband … Read more

Husband sues California hospital over ‘culture of racism’ that led to wife’s death during childbirth

Photo: Art_Photo (Shutterstock) Just over six years ago, an expectant mother of two died in the operating room just 17 minutes after giving birth to her and her husband’s second child, Charles Johnson IV. According to the Centers for Disease Control and PreventionBlack women die at three times the rate of white mothers during childbirth, … Read more

Michelle Heaton breaks down with Loose Women while reading a letter from her husband

Michelle Heaton appeared on Loose Women today (May 5) celebrating a year since giving up alcohol and admitting she finally feels “really strong.” Charlene White asked the former pop star how life is after a year and Michelle replied: “If someone told me again nine months ago, I would feel free, happy, with that feeling … Read more

Former WAG Sophie Cachia speaks of a ‘blended’ family after split from AFL star husband Jaryd and falling in love with woman

Mum blogger Sophie Cachia has spoken out about her “blended” family life after getting engaged to a woman after splitting from the father of her two children. The 31-year-old, from Melbourne, shares two children, Bobby, eight, and Florence, five, with her now ex-husband Jaryd Cachia, a former AFL star. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Sophie details … Read more

Disney World Portrait Reveals Cheating Husband With Babysitter

Disney World was not the happiest place on Earth for an abandoned ex-wife. For Natalie, now a single mother of two, the Disney Kingdom may have lost a bit of its magic after discovering her husband was cheating on her with one of their family’s two au pairs thanks to a revealing throwback snapshot. The … Read more

Melissa Caddick Podcast Reveals Lies About First Husband Anthony Byron Caddick

When faced with their affair, Caddick cleaned out their joint bank account and immediately returned to Sydney with their young son, several friends and family members told the podcast. Liar Liar: Melissa Caddick and the Missing Millions. Anthony Koletti and Melissa Caddick chatting with guests on their wedding day on New Year’s Eve 2013. Then … Read more

Who is Jeff Lazkani in ‘Selling Sunset’? Chelsea’s husband meets Jason

Chelsea Lazkani stole the show on Season 5 of sunset sale with their dramatic outfits and no-nonsense attitude. She even won over many of the women, despite her close ties to the cast’s least favorite agent, Christine Quinn. After selling a huge house, Chelsea won her seat at The Oppenheim Group, but in reality she … Read more

Husband and wife enrich the Delaware community through volunteer work and LGBTQ advocacy

Sally and David McBride volunteer in their Delaware community./Courtesy of David and Sally McBride Meet Daily Point of Light Award honoree David and Sally McBride. During the third annual Global Volunteer Month, we celebrate the power of people who face society’s greatest challenges and build stronger, more vibrant communities through volunteerism and everyday actions, like … Read more

Is your husband struggling with infertility? This is how you can be supportive

Male fertility declines with age, but age doesn’t affect male fertility in exactly the same way as female infertility because sperm count and quality gradually decline as you age. Erectile dysfunction and other health conditions are more common in older men and can affect their fertility, but male infertility can also be caused by sexually … Read more

Divorce Lawyer Reveals 5 Professions Women Should Avoid When Looking for a Husband

A divorce attorney revealed what she thought were the five professions women should avoid in a husband. Katherine Leonard, who has practiced family law for 13 years, said she noticed a surprising “trend” in what her clients, who were going through divorce, do for a living. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: The five professions to avoid … Read more

My house is a mess because my husband refuses to help clean it. I’m too stressed to deal with it, but Dr. Phil embarrassed me.

A feuding husband and wife appeared on Dr. Phil in an effort to resolve their issues, but viewers believe the host embarrassed one of his guests. The couple fought over their extremely messy home, but viewers think Dr. Phil sided with the husband. 4 A wife and mother said that she does not receive help … Read more

Noella Bergener’s mom may be low-key, but her husband was a meteorologist for NBC

Noella Bergener is best known for being a reality TV star and one of the main cast members of The Real Housewives of Orange County in addition to model, influencer and star of social networks. Noella also has a well-known father, Christoper Nance, who was a famous meteorologist for over 20 years on NBC. Although … Read more

‘I think husband and wife should leave the crown in the garage’: Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi’s legacy includes “performance with a purpose”, an emphasis on environmental concerns, sustainability, waste management, water conservation and renewable energy. In 2021, he released his memoir titled ‘my whole life‘, published by Penguin Random House. Born in India, she received her business degree from the prestigious Yale University and went on to run PepsiCo … Read more