Dave Ramsey Shares Secrets to Managing the Stress of Rising Travel Costs, Gas, and More

Ramsey Solutions CEO Dave Ramsey and mental health expert Dr. John Delony discuss the correlation between your money and mental well-being. Costs are rising, as is stress among Americans across the country. In a new phone interview with FOX Business, David Ramsay, personal finance expert, eight-time #1 national bestselling author and host of “The Ramsey … Read more

Debt Conscious Lender for Dave Ramsey Fans

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Should you take out a payday loan? This is what Dave Ramsey thinks

Image Source: Getty Images Could a payday loan cause you financial problems? Key points Payday loans are a type of short-term loan. Payday loans often have very high interest rates. Finance guru Dave Ramsey has provided some advice on payday loans. If you’re having trouble raising cash to cover an unexpected expense, payday loans may … Read more

Dave Ramsey says this is the biggest risk you could face when getting homeowners insurance

Image Source: Getty Images Don’t fall into a big trap. Key points Homeowners insurance can cover you when your home is damaged. But it’s important to make sure your policy provides adequate coverage. There are certain steps you need to take as a homeowner to safeguard your property. These include having working smoke alarms, installing … Read more

Dave Ramsey has no credit score. Here’s why that may not work for you

Image Source: Getty Images There is a danger in not having a credit score at all. Key points Financial expert Dave Ramsey prides himself on having no credit score. While you can get away with not having one, that may not work for the average consumer. Your credit score isn’t just a random number. Rather, … Read more

How much car insurance do you need? This is what Dave Ramsey thinks

Image Source: Getty Images Dave Ramsey says you need at least this amount of car insurance. Key points Dave Ramsey recommends three important types of auto insurance to have at a minimum: liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage. There are many additional optional covers to choose from, but Ramsey recommends skipping many of them. When it … Read more

Do you want to get out of debt? You should do this first, according to Dave Ramsey

Image Source: Getty Images Dave Ramsey actually recommends a preliminary step before paying more on your debt. Key points Many people want to be debt free, but have a hard time knowing where to start. Dave Ramsey has provided some helpful advice on how to start paying off debt. He suggests saving an emergency fund … Read more

Should you prioritize paying down debt or saving for the future? This is what Dave Ramsey believes

Image Source: Getty Images Ramsey believes in paying off debt first, but is he right? Key points Most people have to make decisions about what to do with their money. If you have debt to pay off, you may not be sure whether to focus on that or saving for retirement. Dave Ramsey believes paying … Read more

Ramsey Solutions Annual State of Personal Finance 2021 Report Reveals Americans Are Hopeful About Finances in 2022

NASHVILLE, Tenn., February 28, 2022–(COMMERCIAL WIRE)–Despite a downward trend in the overall assessment of Americans and personal finances in 2021, 80 percent said they are hopeful about their financial situation in 2022. According to The state of personal finances Annual Report 2021 published by Ramsey Solutions, the optimism is consistent for those who are in … Read more

Why Dave Ramsey Says All Married Couples Should Combine Their Finances

Image Source: Getty Images Dave Ramsey is a strong advocate of combining finances when you’re married. Is right? Key points Dave Ramsey advises married couples to combine all of their financial accounts. He says that it creates more unity in the relationship and helps build wealth. For married couples wondering about combining finances, Dave Ramsey … Read more