Mama June’s Ex Sugar Bear Goes Instagram Official With New Girlfriend Heather Rood Who Says She’s ‘Loving And Putting Herself In’

MAMA June’s ex Sugar Bear has moved on with a new love interest, Heather Rood, as the couple go public with their relationship. Heather shared photos of her and Sugar Bear, whose real name is Mike Thompson, on Instagram. 5 Sugar Bear’s new girlfriend gushed over her relationship with the reality star on InstagramCredit: Unknown, … Read more

Buffalo victim’s mother is haunted after seeing body in parking lot

BUFFALO, NY — The mother of a Buffalo mass shooting victim says she is wracked with guilt after asking the young woman to pick up groceries the day she was shot to death. “I feel like it’s my fault because if she hadn’t gone to the store, she would be alive,” a guilt-ridden Dezzelynn McDuffie … Read more

How Pain, Exhaustion, and a Google Search Led to New York’s Yu and Me Books

When Lucy Yu was 7 years old, she told her mom that she wanted to retire and open a bookstore one day. She had always loved to read and, as an only child raised primarily by her single mother who emigrated from China, she turned to books for comfort. Now, at 27, Yu is living … Read more

Kelly Schulz, Maryland gubernatorial candidate – Baltimore Sun

Governor of Maryland Kelly Schulz Republican 53 New Market, Frederick County Governor candidate. Monroe Community College, AA Hood University, BA State Delegate representing Frederick (2011-2015) Secretary, Maryland Department of Labor (2015 – 2019) Secretary, Maryland Department of Commerce (2019 – 2021) What is the most pressing issue in Maryland and what are your plans to … Read more

Liz Woods’ weight loss transformation in pictures

Liz Woods has lost more than 15 pounds in the last few months following an exercise routine. 90 Day Fiancé viewers are proud of her fitness journey. Previous 90 day fiancé Franchise star Liz Woods has dropped almost 15 pounds in just a few months, and there are pictures showing her transformation. Viewers may remember … Read more

St. Pete eyes blighted homes and vacant lots for affordable housing

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — If you live in a neighborhood where even one house on the block collapses to the ground with its windows boarded up and vacant for years; You know what it’s like to want something done to fix it or tear it down. St. Petersburg is one of the few cities with … Read more

White mom complains her black son has been changed by critical race theory

A white Virginia mother said she plans to sue her black son’s school in Virginia, alleging that he had been influenced by classes on critical race theory and now had racial problems. Fox News’ Jesse Watters spoke with the mother, Melissa Riley, during her show Monday night. Watters asked how teaching critical race theory at … Read more

Support Pierce Co. Employees Fighting for a Fair Contract

Amid proposed wage freezes, county workers will protest in Tacoma today. Sign a message of support! TACOMA (May 17, 2022) — All union members and supporters of the quality utility community in Pierce County are urged to show their support for county employees fighting for a fair contract. TAKE A STAND — Members of Teamsters … Read more

Opinion | Tim Scott: Abortion is not the way to help single black mothers

Placeholder while article actions load Tim Scott, a Republican, represents South Carolina in the United States Senate. My mom raised my brother and me alone, struggling to make ends meet. She worked 16 hours a day, three days a week and eight hours a day, two days a week, just to keep the food on … Read more

Political Notes: Brown poll shows big lead, new ads for Schulz and Baron, and more

Retired Judge Katie Curran O’Malley (D) and Rep. Anthony G. Brown (D) are running for attorney general in 2022. Campaign Photos, Getty Images. US Rep. Anthony G. Brown has a solid lead in the Democratic primary for state attorney general, at least according to a recent poll conducted for Brown’s campaign. Brown and retired Baltimore … Read more

I made $26,000 renting out my extra yard space on a self storage app

Julz Maleno is an acupuncture student in his mid-thirties living in Chino, California. In 2020, he listed a vacant lot on his property as storage space on Neighbor, a storage rental app. Since then, he has earned more than $26,700 renting spaces for RVs, trailers and more. Here’s what he thinks of the app and … Read more

Single mother of 13-year-old biracial son sues her school over CRT curriculum

A single mother of a biracial son is suing her school over its Critical Race Theory (CRT) curriculum, saying she now sees things that don’t go her way as racism. Melissa Riley, of Charlottesville, Virginia, said her 13-year-old son never saw himself as different from other students until the Albemarle School District introduced an “anti-racism” … Read more

Navigating finances as a single mom with high debt liabilities

When Manju Singh, a 37-year-old mother of two children ages 8 and 5, decided to separate from her husband, her greatest fear was managing finances and continuing to support herself and her two children while continuing to pay her EMI. “In the months after the separation, I looked for a loan to remodel my parents’ … Read more