Auction record: Ernie Barnes’ ‘Sugar Shack’ painting sells for a whopping $15 million

ON THURSDAY NIGHT, Christie’s New York 20th Century Evening Sale featured 42 lots, premium works of art from a variety of famous artists including Ruth Asawa, Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, Jackson Pollock, William De Kooning , Joan Mitchell and Andy Warhol. Selections included two paintings by African-American artists. Both set new auction records. One is … Read more

(BPRW) A black superhero for the time; sugar | Press releases

(BPRW) A black superhero for the time; Sugar A fictional story based on real events (Black PR Wire) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Now the winner of five independent international awards, SUGAR is a fictional story about a single mother, a successful boutique owner by day, who poses as a vigilante at night to protect the battered … Read more

Does sugar make horses anxious or hyperactive? – Horse

When I was a graduate student at Virginia Tech, I was approached by my advisor regarding potential research projects. The one that piqued my interest the most was evaluating fat-supplemented diets and whether they influenced behavior. Specifically, were horses more or less active/reactive when on diets where calories from grain were replaced with calories from … Read more

🌱 Pecan Street Fest + Homemade pastries with sugar and spices + Protect your pets

Hello neighbors! It’s me again, Gabriela Couvillion, your anchor from the Austin Daily. First, today’s weather: Partly sunny and hot. High: 97 Low: 75. Here’s the biggest news in Austin today: Despite the heat, “hundreds of attendees walk between tents and booths on Sixth street at the Pecan Street Festival” held on Sunday, May 8, … Read more

4 Unhealthy Snacks That Make Sugar Cravings Worse: Eat This, Not That

When you are hungry, the easiest thing is to take the most convenient food. Although they can be beneficial for preventing hunger, snacks that are easy to obtain tend to come packaged in wrappers that are easy to open and eat, and most of the time they are not very healthy. When you’re craving something … Read more

5 Eating Habits to Lower Blood Sugar in Your 50s, Dietitians Say: Eat This, Not That

Your blood constantly has sugar in it. This may sound bad when you first hear it, but it is actually necessary for your health and your body’s energy. This blood sugar comes from the foods and drinks you eat, which means your diet can directly affect how high or low these levels are. And while … Read more

Mama June’s ex Mike ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson’s new girlfriend revealed after split from wife Jennifer Lamb

Former MAMA June’s Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson’s new girlfriend has been revealed following his split from wife Jennifer Lamb. The Sun can exclusively reveal that Sugar Bear’s new girlfriend is single mom Heather Rood. 5 They reveal new girlfriend of Sugar Bear, Mama June’s exCredit: Us TV 5 The reality star is dating single mom … Read more

Sugar Mountains Beneath Seagrass Meadows

Exuberant meadows of Posidonia oceanica in the Mediterranean. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology predict that their findings are relevant to many plant-bearing marine environments, including other species of seagrasses, mangroves and salt marshes. Credit: HYDRA Marine Sciences GmbH Seagrasses play an important role in climate. They are one of the most … Read more

Are you diabetic? Follow these summer nutrition tips to control blood sugar levels

Amid the rise in mercury, it’s important to stay hydrated, especially for people with diabetes. This is because they tend to dehydrate faster than others. Dehydration can cause your blood sugar levels to rise. Your body is sometimes unable to cool itself effectively as certain complications can damage blood vessels and nerves. After this, the … Read more

RHOC Fans Shocked As Noella Bergener Admits She Met Ex James On ‘SUGAR DADDY’ Site In Explosive Reunion

RHOC fans are in shock after Noella Bergener admitted she met her ex-husband, James, on a “Sugar Daddy” website during their April 20 reunion. She first said they met on a “naughty website,” but Andy Cohen corrected her. 5 RHOC Fans Shocked As Noella Bergener Admits She Met Ex James On ‘SUGAR DADDY’ Site In … Read more

Diet Soda vs. Sugar Free Soda: What’s the Difference?

(ABC4) – As Americans, it’s no secret that we love soft drinks. Something about that sweet and bubbly carbonation is enough to brighten up even the dullest of days. With summer approaching, many of us find ourselves opting for the zero calorie option. However, this year we have been faced with a dilemma that we … Read more

Which sweeteners are resonating with consumers?

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025​People over the age of two should limit their intake of added sugar to 10% of their total daily calories (for example, for a 2,000-calorie diet, no more than 200 calories should come from added sugars, the equivalent of about 12 teaspoons). The CDC reported that in 2017-2018, … Read more

Sugar Substitutes May Affect Your Body’s Ability to Detoxify, New Study Shows

Sugar substitutes have come under fire in recent years after being linked to a number of potential health problems. Now, there’s another one to add to the list: They can interfere with your liver’s ability to detoxify your body. That is the main conclusion of new research Presented at the annual meeting of the American … Read more

Is it a good idea to completely eliminate refined sugar from your diet?

Most people’s sugar intake is more than necessary, so cutting back on added sugars is a good idea for many people. Some people want to take extra steps and cut down on sugar in their diet. The refined sugar-free diet is very popular among people who continue to search for effective ways to lead a … Read more