Wild Sale 2022

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Brown Signs Future Ready Oregon Bills at Intel | HAM 107.5

Brown Signs Future Ready Oregon Bills at Intel | HAM 107.5 624cbea0fa91f411bb91b417?ops=gravity("north"),fit(740,416),quality(65)

know about Brown Signs Future Ready Oregon Bills at Intel | HAM 107.5 Governor Kate Brown ceremoniously signed Senate Bill 1545, known as “Future-Ready Oregon,” at Intel’s Hillsboro campus. Future Ready Oregon is a $200 million comprehensive investment that will provide Oregonians with the education, training and resources they need to secure well-paying careers in … Read more

Mountain lion burned in Bobcat fire dies after returning to the wild

A female mountain lion rescued last year after suffering severe burns in the Bobcat fire has died, 10 months after her release into the wild, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said. The big cat, named Monrovia after the city where it was found, was the first cougar to be rescued, rehabilitated and released … Read more

Africa: World Wildlife Day 2022 – ‘1.6 billion wild animals killed annually’

The World Animal Protection requires strict measures to enact policies that protect African wildlife from cruelty and exploitation. the World Animal Protection has called on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITIES) to enact policies to protect African wildlife from cruelty and exploitation. The organisation’s communication and multimedia … Read more

Judge rules on prosecution in case of cruelty to wild animals | winchester star

WINCHESTER — Efforts to disqualify the lead prosecutor in an animal cruelty and endangered species trafficking case involving a famous South Carolina animal trainer and the owner of a local zoo failed Thursday. During a hearing in Frederick County Circuit Court, attorneys for trainer Bhagavan Kevin “Doc” Antle accused K. Michelle Welch, Virginia’s assistant attorney … Read more

Stop Accepting Wild Animals as Pets, Utah Wildlife Officials Warn

A coyote roams Antelope Island on Oct. 23, 2020. While not protected by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, state officials say people still can’t own a coyote or other wildlife without the proper permit. . (Carter Williams, KSL.com) Estimated reading time: 3-4 minutes SALT LAKE CITY — A few weeks ago, state wildlife authorities … Read more

What is the wild diet? A complete review of this trendy eating habit

The Wild Diet promises to shed fat in record time, and on the surface, it resembles the paleo diet. But it’s sure? You should try it? Find out below. Note: All content in this article is provided for general information only and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your … Read more

Australian firefighters pose with adorable rescued wild animals for a hot charity calendar – WATCH

SWNS Australia’s firefighters are raising money for wildlife foundations by posing without gear for an annual calendar featuring lovable pets and endangered native wildlife. The internationally acclaimed Australian Fire Calendar, now in its 29th year, once again sets hearts on fire. With more than 750 million views on Facebook and distributed in more than 100 … Read more

How Patrolling Your Garden For Wild Mushrooms Can Keep Your Pet Safe

For health-conscious humans, high-fiber, fat- and cholesterol-free mushrooms are a popular choice. However, for dogs sampling mushrooms in the garden, some varieties can be toxic. That’s why Dr. Tina Wismer’s husband patrols the Champaign yard every morning, picking up and disposing of errant edible mushrooms before curious canines sink their teeth into them. Wismer, senior … Read more

Raleigh council considers ban and registration requirement for wild animals kept as pets :: WRAL.com

By Keely Arthur, WRAL Reporter, and Ryan Bisesi, WRAL Multi-Platform Producer Raleigh, North Carolina — Raleigh is determining next steps to define how and if residents can keep dangerous animals as pets within the city. The city defines a dangerous wild animal (DWA) as any undomesticated animal, normally found in the wild, inherently dangerous to … Read more

Wild cougar rescued from home in the Bronx

Holy cat! An 80-pound cougar working as a house cat was rescued from a Bronx home last week and is now headed to a sanctuary in Arkansas, the Wildlife Conservation Society announced Monday. Sasha, an 11-month-old cougar, was taken from the home Thursday night and taken to the Bronx Zoo, where she received care from … Read more

Wild boars surround a woman near Rome and steal food purchases | Italy

A herd of wild boars surrounded a woman who had just left a supermarket near Rome and stole her purchase, reigniting a debate about the animal’s presence in Italian towns and cities. A video posted on social media Thursday. it shows wild boars approaching and cornering the woman in a supermarket car park in the … Read more

France bans wild circus animals and mink farms, but not bullfighting | France

The French parliament has voted to end the use of wild animals in live circus shows and ban mink farming, in new animal rights legislation hailed as a step forward by campaigners. The performances of wild animals such as lions, tigers or bears will be prohibited in two years and their possession banned in seven … Read more

UK May Ban Partially Wild Hybrid Cats After Social Media Boosts Their Popularity | animal welfare

The UK government may ban part-feral hybrid cats, after social media helped these extreme breeds become popular. With their massive size, powerful muscles, and spotted fur, hybrid cats are considered by some to be the perfect pet for the age of social media. But the growing trade raises concerns about animal welfare and the black … Read more