Is this the end of the shampoo? New ways to clean your hair | woman hair

We all know that the beauty industry is good at persuading us to buy things we don’t need. But when it comes to shampoo, that’s just basic cleaning, right? Well, maybe not. A new generation of “shampoos without shampoo” is infiltrating bathrooms, born from the idea that traditional shampoo is bad for hair. There is … Read more

Elephant tramples woman to death, returns after few hours to crush body at her funeral

An elephant crushed a 70-year-old woman to death in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha, India, on Thursday, June 9. However, the story does not end there as the fanged animal returned a few hours later to trample and dump the woman’s corpse during her funeral. The elephant was never seen again after fleeing after its … Read more

Angry raccoon chases woman and her dog in Orlando

Wild video shows angry raccoon chasing woman and her dog in Orlando Updated: 7:24am EDT June 20, 2022 hide transcript Show Transcript Pet panic for Orlando dog owner, raccoon *** attacking yorkie *** right in front of his house. Nigeria Clark says she and her dog jojo first saw the animal while they were out … Read more

This 32-year-old woman saves money on travel by taking care of cats around the world

Madolline Gourley says she’s discovered a great strategy for saving money when traveling abroad, and it only requires 30 minutes of work per day. The 32-year-old, who lives in Brisbane, Australia, travels the world taking care of houses and cats. In exchange for his half hour of work, which includes feeding, cuddling and cleaning the … Read more

Elephant tramples woman to death before stamping her funeral two days later

The same elephant that trampled a 70-year-old woman returned to the funeral to attack her body on Saturday (June 11, 2022). Unfortunately, elephant-related deaths in India are becoming common due to increasing human encroachment on the animals’ habitats.. Warning: some of the content in this article may be distressing On Thursday, sadly, a 70-year-old woman … Read more

Finasana launches a new podcast: Invest Like a Woman

Invest Like a Woman Finasana Podcast Finasana has launched a new podcast dedicated to helping women learn to invest available on Spotify, Apple and Google: Invest Like a Woman with Gabi Slemer Women, especially, often leave their savings in low-interest savings accounts simply because they don’t think they can invest.” – Gabi Slemer FORT LAUDERDALE, … Read more

Elephant kills a woman, then returns to the funeral and tramples on the carcass

An elephant that killed a woman in India returned to her funeral and trampled on her carcass, local police said. The 70-year-old woman, Maya Murmu, was attacked by a wild elephant while walking to collect water in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha, an Indian media outlet reported. The impression informed. The elephant had strayed from … Read more

Reinvention After 50: How to Start a Business in Midlife, From Four Women Who Did It

Midlife is often a time of introspection, when people begin to wonder if the things they do for fun could be a viable career.adamkaz Less fear, more ambition. Less apology, more trust. Here are some of the wise words from women over 50 who gave up stable jobs and financial security to pursue their passions … Read more

Mountain Lion Attacks Northern California Woman; Pet dog defends owner

A Northern California woman was attacked by a mountain lion earlier this week. The woman’s pet dog came to the rescue as she fought fiercely even being outmatched by the big cat. Both the owner and the dog survived the ordeal and suffered serious injuries. The puma attack has already reached the local authorities, who … Read more

No arrests in case of Philadelphia woman set on fire who remains in critical condition

A Philadelphia woman remains in critical condition after someone set her on fire in a brutal assault. Police responded to reports of a garbage fire on East Tioga Street in the Kensington section of Philadelphia around 12:36 a.m. Friday and found a 36-year-old woman who had been set on fire, according to a police statement. … Read more

Reactions to the US Supreme Court overturning the abortion landmark Roe v. Wade

WASHINGTON, June 24 (Reuters) – Public figures from across the political spectrum reacted on Friday to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade in 1973, which recognized a woman’s constitutional right to abortion and legalized it throughout the country. read more PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN IN A LIVE ANNOUNCEMENT: “Today the … Read more

American woman denied abortion in Malta to be airlifted amid fears for her life

know about American woman denied abortion in Malta to be airlifted amid fears for her life in details Placeholder while article actions load At 16 weeks pregnant, Andrea Prudente traveled with her partner to the European island nation of Malta for a honeymoon vacation. However, instead of enjoying a relaxing trip to celebrate her pregnancy, … Read more

Opinion: How breaking bias can break the glass ceiling for women in business

Lara Zink is the CEO of Women in Capital Markets and Katie Squires-Thompson is the chief strategy officer. More information about the organization is available at This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is Breaking Bias. We are called to imagine a world with gender equality, free from prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination, that is … Read more

EXCLUSIVE Harris meets with Democratic attorneys general as White House prepares to rule on abortion

know about EXCLUSIVE Harris meets with Democratic attorneys general as White House prepares to rule on abortion in details WASHINGTON, June 23 (Reuters) – U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris will meet with a group of seven Democratic attorneys general on Thursday, a White House official said, to discuss defending a major ruling that could dramatically … Read more

Who will become the first woman to serve as the NHL’s general manager?

Courtesy of Meghan Chaika There will come a day in the National Hockey League when a woman is named general manager of a franchise. With the firing of two general managers, Montreal’s Marc Bergevin and Vancouver’s Jim Benning, already this season, women were in the conversation. However, being in the conversation is not enough. In … Read more